Chart-Scope/ Weekly Horoscope


You could be accommodating your siblings at home. They might need some guidance or just to talk or they just need the comfort of home. Be kind, lend an ear. Go easy with your window shopping. Do a final, practical, and logical assessment before you checkout your cart. Home life and livelihood are in focus.  Keep going, no matter how slow, but do not give up. 

CHAROT DIGIT66 healing relationships


Your mind could be more active or noisier than usual. Practicing a kind of meditation that suits you will greatly help. You can also practice writing mantras or a personal mantra of yours to help get a grip on your mind. Tame your desires, your usually stable mind may not be calm in this current time. It’s not the best time to make purchases.

CHAROT DIGIT: 16 second chances


Things are going pretty well for you, Gemmies! Since you are able to manage the different aspects of your life, it’s time for some self-care. You will be making good changes to your appearance, your hair, your clothes, your taste buds, and so on. The changes you’ll be making are sure to make a hit on the opposite gender. You might be eyeing some jewelry as well, bangles and bracelets. Instead of accumulating a bunch of cheap ones that won’t satisfy the need in the end, pick a reasonably priced one. Choose value, not volume. 

CHAROT DIGIT: 16 renewal of relationships


Some people around you can be more sensitive than usual. It will be helpful to put more time in listening to what they are saying before you respond to them. You could be missing your partner or someone far from you, geographically, emotionally, or socially. Maintain your handle on your schedule and activities. We have learned our lesson “never bite more than we can chew.”

CHAROT DIGIT: 16 starting over


Worrying over problems does not help solving them. Instead when you close your eyes, focus on your breathing, breathe slowly,  inhale 5 counts, pause, exhale 5, mindful breathing. Not only will this be good for the anxious mind, but it does a lot for your overall health. You could be thinking of talking to someone you have not spoken to for some time. It can involve an apology, forgiveness, and owning up to an action or decision.

CHAROT DIGIT: 1 new you


You could be reaching out to friends from the past. It will be good to be mindful of the things you bring up in the conversation. There is something new in the career area is brewing for you or maybe trying an entirely new kind of livelihood altogether. Keep yourself modest as you ease into this new system. Congratulations, Virgo!

CHAROT DIGIT: 37 personal retreat


You can be experiencing a new purpose, or a new role in life. And this position is in a whole new level, more on the horizontal movement rather than vertical. Keep extending your patience at home and towards family members. All you have to do is keep doing right by them. There is nothing to fear in communicating your needs. Bear in mind where you are coming from and the person you are speaking to. 

CHAROT DIGIT: 5 change & communication


You could be bringing work close to home or you are working with your family. Romance is not in the cards at the moment. You could be learning more about a method or ritual or routine you’ve recently picked up. And it involves the creation of something that can transform things or a transformational method in itself. People will benefit from it. Good job, Scorpio!

CHAROT DIGIT: 13 endurance & consistency


You could be realizing some errors in your ways. Better late than never in this lifetime. However, it might not be time yet to have that conversation with someone you love. Do not fear about losing this love of yours, because nothing can take away what is truly meant for you. For some of you, Saggies, it’s probably that phase where you step into the mature role, as you feel that time is passing you by. We all go through this part of life, welcome to the next level, Sag! 

CHAROT DIGIT: 7 growing in spirit


Harmony is achieved in your personal relationship when hearts soften and ego is maimed. This is a different kind of strength Capricorn. Good for you! Get ahead on matters involving your home and your mother. Even if we are not entirely capable of avoiding things, softening the blows is still a better option. 

CHAROT DIGIT: 8 manifest your dreams


Some people, friends or estranged partners might want to reach out to you. However, you might not be in the mood to engage in such scenarios.  You have far too many things on your mind, in your life that deserves and needs your focus and attention. You are looking at life in the bigger picture. You are on the right path, Aqua. Chanting mantras and practicing meditation could reveal more about this “big picture.” 

CHAROT DIGIT: 66 express & heal


A friend or a partner that you don’t get along with for some time now might want to have a conversation with you. They cross your mind every now and then, and they are thinking of you too. Your health maybe turning for the better. The new things you are practicing, and old habits that you have dropped will be giving you good results. You could have felt that your head was not in the right place for a span of time now. And slowly you are beginning to feel better, your thoughts are not so scattered like before. And you can finish things now in less time with less effort. You weren’t imagining that, congratulations, Pisces!  You made it through a challenging internal journey. More clarity is ahead of you. 

CHAROT DIGIT: 8 from dream to reality

How to see the future..

Of course, of course I had to write about oracles! You saw this one coming (get it?).  

Now, oracles are those individuals (for the Greeks, though, it was always a priestess) who act as mediums between the Gods and humanity; making prophecies and being frustratingly vague. I think oracles, as mythic as they may be, are actually pretty human. The future, like the great vastness of space, is so infinitely unknown, so exciting and frightening, so beautiful and chaotic all at once. It’s only human to wonder what lies ahead and beyond, to try and wrestle with the uncertain.  

There’s no better place to start than at Delphi, Greece where the Temple of Apollo lies. The temple was erected to commemorate the God Apollo and his triumph over the serpent Python. Considering Apollo was the God of prophecy, among other things, everybody who was somebody came to the temple to consult with the oracle before making any big decisions; from heroes to philosophers, to kings and queens.  

Pythia, the role of the high priestess, would descend into her subterranean chamber to breathe in the vapors of the dead Python. She would then slowly, with her mystic beauty, emerge in a trance and give her mysterious prophecies as the vapors climbed to the heavens.  

On top of the mythological fascination, there are some geological interests as well. Geologists today have discovered tectonic plates, or fault lines, underneath the temple and these fault lines would emit, like the myth goes, vapors. The vapors, interestingly enough, would consist of certain narcotic chemicals like ethylene which is a hallucinogenic.  

Now, whether Pythia received her powers from Python or ethylene, the predictions she would give were more often than not accurate. There’s the famed demise of Oedipus Rex, the murder of his father and the bedding of his mother. And there was the knowledge of the plotting of the Persian army against Athens. One of my favorite predictions was when Pythia claimed that there is no one wiser than the granddaddy of Western philosophy, Socrates. Pythia ended up being right because Socrates, after exhaustive research, found that he was the only one who knew he knew nothing.  

This story connects wonderfully to one of the old maxims inscribed at the Delphi. Before Drake rapped about knowing yourself and your worth, the text “Know Thyself” was etched in Greek at the pediment of the temple. For myself, the phrase means knowing my limits, or my “measures” as the Greeks put it. Acknowledging the vastness of what I don’t know and the beautiful fragility of my life. It means knowing my place in the universe and being cognizant and humble in how I interact with the people and objects around me. Now I have no idea what the oracle meant by this if she penned it, maybe it means knowing how much water you need to drink everyday (did you drink enough water for today?).  

Who truly knows, only you do.  

Charot-Scope / Weekly Horoscope


Thoughts regarding the home and/or your mother may be come in focus. You Could also be considering giving a gift/ present to your love one.  Check on your relationship with your  sibling/s if you have any.


You could be reassessing your finances.  Perhaps a bit of accounting before you decide on finally purchasing something you’ve been eyeing for something now.  Friends may need a helping hand.  There may be fun times to be spent with your partner.


Getting more work done faster than before. Good job, Gemini! There may be some spending for your studies or education you are currently into. These could be tools, props, gadgets and the like.  If you find yourself feeling a little blah, take that time for yourself to lay low and just chill. 


You could experience waves of nostalgia every now and then. Some matters regarding your home can come up. You might be making some changes in it, or changing the home itself. You may want to visit some friends and go some places. Since this is not an auspicious time for such activities, weigh your reasons and always be cautious. 


Things happening at work will start to slow down. this can provide you the much needed0 time for rest. Enjoy good conversations with friends, but be discerning. Don’t take everything as gospel truth.


Let loose sometimes so temper and irritability doesn’t get bottled up. You could be accommodating some family at home. Try to keep things smooth. Keep up the good things in the work area. Finish strong virgo!


you could have some Concerns and deep thinking regarding your finances. Don’t worry, you will figure this out in the coming weeks. Practicing meditation and using crystals will be good for you.


Auspicious time for you to turn inwards. Mantras  and listening to frequencies can help soothe you. Try to maintain your high energy, you will be needing it in a week or so. Watch your health, specially food intake. A colon cleanse can benefit you.


There could be more to your new found social circle. If things get a little too friendly, just enjoy yourself and take things lightly. If there are confidential things being revealed to you, make sure you keep them to yourself.  Romance might be peeking through your windows, wink wink!


Avoid unnecessary fight and arguments with your partner, you can truly wound them. And that will be harder to repair than you curbing your tongue and stepping back. The project you’ve been working on is nearing its completion. It will help if your head is grounded once you start testing out this project of yours. Be open to changes and modifications. 


Your strong suit at the moment is your ability to see things in the bigger picture. Keep it up Aqua! Don’t forget, its not a sign of weakness to be considerate of others at work. It’s called compassion. Good job if you are watching your spending habits.


You could be feeling emotions that you cannot understand or explain. It’s alright, keep flowing with it. Whatever answer or explanation needed will come when in its own time. You could feel detached from your partner. If they are the type who notices or worries about the little things, you don’t have to explain anything to them, small & short replies will do the trick. 

How to bring luck to your home with Lucky Bamboo?

My family in New Mexico has this beautiful Lucky Bamboo Plant they keep in their home, and it’s really grown to its magnificence and I’m so so proud of it. Now the “Lucky Bamboo Plant,” also called a “money tree,” is not actually part of the bamboo plant species. Its scientific name is Dracaena sanderiana and it originates from Africa! The plant has been used in Chinese tradition for thousands of years, namely in the graceful art of feng shui. It’s easy to see why the Chinese adapted the plant for its striking resemblance to actual bamboo.  

Bamboo has been an integral part of Chinese culture for millennia, being a food source for giant cuddly pandas and people alike, a reliable resource for housing and architecture, and a source of inspiration to ancient painters, philosophers and poets. To the Chinese, bamboo represents determination, moral integrity and virtue, and modesty.  

Likewise, the Lucky Bamboo Plant carries a numerological symbolism in its stalks, take note dearies! 

  • One Stalk—representative of truth, strength and commitment. You rarely see this little guy.  
  • Two Stalks—symbolizes love is love is love is love is love. It also doubles your fortune! 
  • Three Stalks—attributed to happiness. Represents the three stellar gods of Chinese Mythology: Fu (Fortune), Lu (Prosperity), and Shou (longevity) and is my personal favorite. 
  • Four Stalks—beware of four stalks! The word for “four” resembles the word for “death” in Chinese culture. I don’t recommend buying this for yourself or as a gift, as it may attract negative energy. Bad vibes indeed.  
  • Five Stalks—to bring wealth and reinforce the health of each area of your life: emotion, intuition, mental, physical and spiritual. It can also represent the five Chinese elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal.  
  • Six Stalks— six, pronounced “Liu” in Mandarin, is a lucky number representative of harmony. The 66th birthday in China is a grand ol’ celebration! 
  • Seven Stalks—symbolizing beauty and gentleness. It is attributed to togetherness and who doesn’t need a little bit of that right now? 
  • Eight Stalks—eight is a popular number in Chinese numerology; considered the highest form of good fortune.  
  • Nine Stalks—nine is pronounced “Jiu,” and is related to the word for everlasting. Perfect for lovebirds. It is also a highly reverential number in Hindu numerology.  
  • Ten Stalks- ten is fulfillment and completion. Perfection.  

Of course, it’s very important to know how to take care of your Lucky Bamboo Plant. Luckily for those lazy planters out there (aka me), the plant is super easy to take care of. Just make sure it’s in a well-lit area, with plenty of natural sunlight. It’s good to revolve the plant to ensure every stalk gets their fair share of that lovely sunshine. The roots should be completely covered by the water so the plants can grow all the way to the stars. You’ll probably need to replace or pour some more water in every two to seven days. Tap water does just fine, unless it has a lot of minerals, in which case, opt for some purified water instead. Make sure the container you put the plant in has enough space for the roots to grow (one inch is good enough) and is tall enough to support those tall and abundant stalks.  

If you are interested in purchasing a bamboo tree personally hand-put together by me then click here to shop.



Artisan Candles by Sal

Dear Wellness Enthusiast,

Lately, during these long and strange times, I decided to pick up an old childhood hobby of mine; Greek philosophy and science. Yes, I know, what a nerd. But the Greeks and their ancient creation stories always fascinated me, especially the concept of the Four Elements; Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. And yes, I’ve been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender too. 

But for some reason, now, Fire spoke to me. The way it sways and dances with the wind entranced me, its elusive and seductive glow captured my curiosity, its formidable warmth and light comforted me. No wonder the Greeks admired it so much. And it wasn’t just them, either. From Hinduism to Buddhism, Judaism to Christianity and other ancient civilizations respected Fire as a tie to the spiritual.  

Naturally, I want you to be able to experience the same magnificence. That’s why I hand poured these candles with your spirit in mind. Light the candle, set your intentions, whatever they may be, and witness the beauty of Fire unlock the decadent scents of nature.  


Some of the places I enjoyed going to most, pre-quarantine, were the fruit nurseries in Southern California. I, especially, loved walking through the hundreds of nectarine trees and taking in the scented galaxy of fruits. The fresh citrus of the Burgundy Plums, the pure sweetness of Green Gages, and the charming sourness of the Kaffirs, you could practically taste the abundance.


When I used to take these cross-country runs around Santa Fe, or up in Pecos in New Mexico, I would get these strong whiffs of Douglas Firs and Aspen, cross-pollinating with the rush of the salty Santa Fe River. The natural rawness, the ingrained strength, the mysterious beauty of the forest in the middle of a desert invigorated and excited me.  


One of my fondest childhood hobbies is collecting first edition books. When I was visiting my parents in New Mexico, I found my old wooden “treasure chest” (It was a milk crate) where I put all my first edition books before I went to university. I managed to find my 1901 hand copied edition of The Egyptian Book of the Dead which I bought from a market in Colorado when I was 17. This book ignited my interest in spirituality and it definitely planted the seed which the plant you see before you came from. The instance my hands felt the subtle leather cover, I caught a hint of the tobacco the scribe was smoking when he hand copied the text, all those years ago. And when I opened the book, its dust exploded like an ancient supernova. It magically smelled like the century old sap from the trees used to make the pages seeped through the patina leather and the flower-dyed ink of the illustrations and written spells. 


I went backpacking in China a few years into college, and it’s easy to see how the country’s profound philosophies arose amidst the serenity and beauty of its natural world. Bamboo, in particular, struck me as it did monks and mystics of the olden days, and probably other college kids trying to find themselves in another country. During that week-long arduous trip I would find myself struggling, and struggling against that struggle only to find myself struggling more. All the while I was surrounded by this rich bamboo forest, rustling and singing, swaying with a grace only bred through fortitude. Its strength is in its flexibility, its beauty in its stillness. The way it would carry the wind, but never be carried by it.  


I’ll admit it, one of my guilty pleasures is candy. Sometimes, I eat one or two more chocolate bars than I ought to, but keep that between us kay? Anyways, my favorite candy, oddly enough, is peppermint (you saw it coming). When I was a little kid, I really appreciated when restaurants used to give peppermints with the receipt, and I still appreciate it now.  Its tender sweetness evokes a joy and optimism within my soul, making me want to sing and dance and laugh.  


There’s this small island a rickety plane and dinghy boat ride away from mainland Philippines called Romblon. And in Romblon, it always rains, and the rain would tip-tap on the roof of a little bar timidly hidden by banana leaves but wonderfully exposed to the coastal ocean (popular with the French Tourists, too). Their fresh piña coladas, made from the coconuts in provincial trees and pineapples harvested in the morning, fuse with the rain’s tender petrichor, and the bitterness of the ocean with a hint of the limes burning from the sizzling marlins. 


One of my first memories was the smell of a fresh pot of green tea my father made, and a little sip from his clay cup, and he told me I smiled with the few baby teeth I had. The water would be fetched from the well, and my dad would pick the leaves himself. Whenever I would have a fit as a toddler, he would just have me breathe in the herbs’ soothing and inviting aroma and sip a little of that magic elixir to calm me down. Even today, when I’m having a particularly rough day; as soon as the boiling water descends to create with the tea leaves an enchanting cloud of bliss, I retreat.  


A few miles from where I lived in New Mexico was this little arroyo (basically a dried up river) leading to a beaten trail which, after a couple miles, through a thicket would lead up to a small field; surprising you with a universe of striking and wild lavender plants. I would spend hours in this field losing myself to the whispers of the bushes, the tickle of the daisies on my skin, and of course, the subtle majesty of the lavender.  


I’d often find myself hypnotized by the dark grandeur of nighttime, its serene silence, the fresh smell of soil and air and stars. The desert night with its star-colored freckles, brings in the cool air from the mountains with remnants of soil, flora, trees and rivers. I could almost smell the night, as I laid down between the earth and sky. 


My favorite metaphysical shop, as all typical metaphysical shops do, smells a lot like White Sage. But the first time I walked in; I remember it being a little different than the other ones. This shop smelled and felt warm. I’d very soon realize; it was because of the generous family who ran the store. I formed a bond with them as I naturally became a regular, they consulted me on spirituality and always lovingly held my hand when they did, they attended my graduation and were overall just a wholesome family trying to educate and take care of everybody, and I tried to harness that energy into the candle.  


When I used to go out and actually buy my groceries (lol what), I enjoyed nothing more than going to the local farmer’s market. The sun would be high and bright, but the wind would offer a relieving breeze, carrying with it the delectable scents of rosemary and white sage, berries and wild honey, spices and flowers. 

Charot- scope – Weekly horoscope


There can be some restless nights, either from elevated body heat or secret desires/ passion. Help keep the peace in the home front. You maybe shopping for nice clothes, jewellery, and perfume. Be mindful with your words, practice truthfulness. 


Mixed results for the Taurenians. Don’t be oversensitive about criticisms. There can be arguments and disagreements with friends or partner. Watch what you say, be kind and truthful at the same time. 


Good time to get ahead of your studies. Happiness from family is seen. Its like everything is coming together for the the family as a whole. Past wrinkles in your relationship can be smoothing themselves out. Embrace the shift. 


You’re being showered with blessings! Must feel good to be a Cancer. Keep being cordial and respectful with your partner. Continuing payments for your current loans is better than incurring new ones. When the heart and mind are quiet and calm, it will pay to listen to your intuition. 


Don;Don’t get involved in any kind of shady business. Instead invest your time in helping others. Happiness from friends are in the cards, but don’t overspend on their account. Put attention to your health and routine. You may expand your creativity at work.


Work and career opportunities might be opening up, but a keep a level-head to make sound judgments. Seeking advice from mentors or teachers can be helpful. Your partner may be more active in your relationship than usual, welcome the attention. Kundalini might be a good exploration with the right teacher. 


Try to keep your cool if you’re having arguments with your partner. Some lies can surface. Not everything you hear should be taken as the truth, verify the source.


You must be booming with ideas here and there. Projects after projects, and it seems that business partners and clients are eating them all up. Good time to learn astrology, alchemy, made even magic of some kind. Get your ducks in a row, pretty soon all of these projects will enter its next level. 


More activity at home, perhaps finally starting that project you’ve been meaning to do. Focusing on such things, and extending your patience can help avoid unnecessary fights at home or within the family circle. Your partner may be opening up with something they’ve been bottling inside. Practice compassion and listen.


Watch out for hot temper and aggressive exchange of words with possibly your siblings. Be wary of hidden enemies and false friends. On the other hand, you may finally be getting back on the healthy track, keep it up. You might feel the need to reach out to your partner, or mother.


Monitor your expenses. Some of these purchases can make the home more beautiful, more comfortable. Just make sure you don’t go over the budget. It’s a good time to communicate your ideas to colleagues, however watch who you trust. There may be separation or break in partnerships.


“Feels good to be alive!” Says the Pisces. Perhaps the world’s current situation is not the best, but somehow you feel things are just falling into place. The partner may be or spending more time with you. They also feel lighter and happier than their usual mood. Children, if there are any, can be bust tending to themselves. Things you’ve been working hard for are finally bearing fruits. Use your intuition, and dig deep beyond the surface for matters concerning the home or your mother.