Charot-Scope / Weekly Horoscope 1


There can be some restless nights, either from elevated body heat or secret desires/ passion. Help keep the peace in the home front. You maybe shopping for nice clothes, jewellery, and perfume. Be mindful with your words, practice truthfulness.


Mixed results for the Taurenians. Don’t be oversensitive about criticisms. There can be arguments and disagreements with friends or partner. Watch what you say, be kind and truthful at the same time.


Good time to get ahead of your studies. Happiness from family is seen. Its like everything is coming together for the the family as a whole. Past wrinkles in your relationship can be smoothing themselves out. Embrace the shift.


You’re being showered with blessings! Must feel good to be a Cancer. Keep being cordial and respectful with your partner. Continuing payments for your current loans is better than incurring new ones. When the heart and mind are quiet and calm, it will pay to listen to your intuition.


Don;Don’t get involved in any kind of shady business. Instead invest your time in helping others. Happiness from friends are in the cards, but don’t overspend on their account. Put attention to your health and routine. You may expand your creativity at work.


Work and career opportunities might be opening up, but a keep a level-head to make sound judgments. Seeking advice from mentors or teachers can be helpful. Your partner may be more active in your relationship than usual, welcome the attention. Kundalini might be a good exploration with the right teacher.


Try to keep your cool if you’re having arguments with your partner. Some lies can surface. Not everything you hear should be taken as the truth, verify the source.


You must be booming with ideas here and there. Projects after projects, and it seems that business partners and clients are eating them all up. Good time to learn astrology, alchemy, made even magic of some kind. Get your ducks in a row, pretty soon all of these projects will enter its next level.


More activity at home, perhaps finally starting that project you’ve been meaning to do. Focusing on such things, and extending your patience can help avoid unnecessary fights at home or within the family circle. Your partner may be opening up with something they’ve been bottling inside. Practice compassion and listen.


Watch out for hot temper and aggressive exchange of words with possibly your siblings. Be wary of hidden enemies and false friends. On the other hand, you may finally be getting back on the healthy track, keep it up. You might feel the need to reach out to your partner, or mother.


Monitor your expenses. Some of these purchases can make the home more beautiful, more comfortable. Just make sure you don’t go over the budget. It’s a good time to communicate your ideas to colleagues, however watch who you trust. There may be separation or break in partnerships.


“Feels good to be alive!” Says the Pisces. Perhaps the world’s current situation is not the best, but somehow you feel things are just falling into place. The partner may be or spending more time with you. They also feel lighter and happier than their usual mood. Children, if there are any, can be bust tending to themselves. Things you’ve been working hard for are finally bearing fruits. Use your intuition, and dig deep beyond the surface for matters concerning the home or your mother.