Charot-Scope / Weekly Horoscope 2


Thoughts regarding the home and/or your mother may be come in focus. You Could also be considering giving a gift/ present to your love one.  Check on your relationship with your  sibling/s if you have any.


You could be reassessing your finances.  Perhaps a bit of accounting before you decide on finally purchasing something you’ve been eyeing for something now.  Friends may need a helping hand.  There may be fun times to be spent with your partner.


Getting more work done faster than before. Good job, Gemini! There may be some spending for your studies or education you are currently into. These could be tools, props, gadgets and the like.  If you find yourself feeling a little blah, take that time for yourself to lay low and just chill.


You could experience waves of nostalgia every now and then. Some matters regarding your home can come up. You might be making some changes in it, or changing the home itself. You may want to visit some friends and go some places. Since this is not an auspicious time for such activities, weigh your reasons and always be cautious.


Things happening at work will start to slow down. this can provide you the much needed0 time for rest. Enjoy good conversations with friends, but be discerning. Don’t take everything as gospel truth.


Let loose sometimes so temper and irritability doesn’t get bottled up. You could be accommodating some family at home. Try to keep things smooth. Keep up the good things in the work area. Finish strong virgo!


you could have some Concerns and deep thinking regarding your finances. Don’t worry, you will figure this out in the coming weeks. Practicing meditation and using crystals will be good for you.


Auspicious time for you to turn inwards. Mantras  and listening to frequencies can help soothe you. Try to maintain your high energy, you will be needing it in a week or so. Watch your health, specially food intake. A colon cleanse can benefit you.


There could be more to your new found social circle. If things get a little too friendly, just enjoy yourself and take things lightly. If there are confidential things being revealed to you, make sure you keep them to yourself.  Romance might be peeking through your windows, wink wink!


Avoid unnecessary fight and arguments with your partner, you can truly wound them. And that will be harder to repair than you curbing your tongue and stepping back. The project you’ve been working on is nearing its completion. It will help if your head is grounded once you start testing out this project of yours. Be open to changes and modifications.


Your strong suit at the moment is your ability to see things in the bigger picture. Keep it up Aqua! Don’t forget, its not a sign of weakness to be considerate of others at work. It’s called compassion. Good job if you are watching your spending habits.


You could be feeling emotions that you cannot understand or explain. It’s alright, keep flowing with it. Whatever answer or explanation needed will come when in its own time. You could feel detached from your partner. If they are the type who notices or worries about the little things, you don’t have to explain anything to them, small & short replies will do the trick.