Charot-Scope / Weekly Horoscope 3


You could be accommodating your siblings at home. They might need some guidance or just to talk or they just need the comfort of home. Be kind, lend an ear. Go easy with your window shopping. Do a final, practical, and logical assessment before you checkout your cart. Home life and livelihood are in focus.  Keep going, no matter how slow, but do not give up.

CHAROT DIGIT:  66 healing relationships



Your mind could be more active or noisier than usual. Practicing a kind of meditation that suits you will greatly help. You can also practice writing mantras or a personal mantra of yours to help get a grip on your mind. Tame your desires, your usually stable mind may not be calm in this current time. It’s not the best time to make purchases.

CHAROT DIGIT: 16 second chances



Things are going pretty well for you, Gemmies! Since you are able to manage the different aspects of your life, it’s time for some self-care. You will be making good changes to your appearance, your hair, your clothes, your taste buds, and so on. The changes you’ll be making are sure to make a hit on the opposite gender. You might be eyeing some jewelry as well, bangles and bracelets. Instead of accumulating a bunch of cheap ones that won’t satisfy the need in the end, pick a reasonably priced one. Choose value, not volume.

CHAROT DIGIT: 16 renewal of relationships



Some people around you can be more sensitive than usual. It will be helpful to put more time in listening to what they are saying before you respond to them. You could be missing your partner or someone far from you, geographically, emotionally, or socially. Maintain your handle on your schedule and activities. We have learned our lesson “never bite more than we can chew.”

CHAROT DIGIT: 16 starting over



Worrying over problems does not help solving them. Instead when you close your eyes, focus on your breathing, breathe slowly,  inhale 5 counts, pause, exhale 5, mindful breathing. Not only will this be good for the anxious mind, but it does a lot for your overall health. You could be thinking of talking to someone you have not spoken to for some time. It can involve an apology, forgiveness, and owning up to an action or decision.

CHAROT DIGIT: 1 new you



You could be reaching out to friends from the past. It will be good to be mindful of the things you bring up in the conversation. There is something new in the career area is brewing for you or maybe trying an entirely new kind of livelihood altogether. Keep yourself modest as you ease into this new system. Congratulations, Virgo!

CHAROT DIGIT: 37 personal retreat



You can be experiencing a new purpose, or a new role in life. And this position is in a whole new level, more on the horizontal movement rather than vertical. Keep extending your patience at home and towards family members. All you have to do is keep doing right by them. There is nothing to fear in communicating your needs. Bear in mind where you are coming from and the person you are speaking to.

CHAROT DIGIT: 5 change & communication



You could be bringing work close to home or you are working with your family. Romance is not in the cards at the moment. You could be learning more about a method or ritual or routine you’ve recently picked up. And it involves the creation of something that can transform things or a transformational method in itself. People will benefit from it. Good job, Scorpio!

CHAROT DIGIT: 13 endurance & consistency



You could be realizing some errors in your ways. Better late than never in this lifetime. However, it might not be time yet to have that conversation with someone you love. Do not fear about losing this love of yours, because nothing can take away what is truly meant for you. For some of you, Saggies, it’s probably that phase where you step into the mature role, as you feel that time is passing you by. We all go through this part of life, welcome to the next level, Sag!

CHAROT DIGIT: 7 growing in spirit



Harmony is achieved in your personal relationship when hearts soften and ego is maimed. This is a different kind of strength Capricorn. Good for you! Get ahead on matters involving your home and your mother. Even if we are not entirely capable of avoiding things, softening the blows is still a better option.

CHAROT DIGIT: 8 manifest your dreams



Some people, friends or estranged partners might want to reach out to you. However, you might not be in the mood to engage in such scenarios.  You have far too many things on your mind, in your life that deserves and needs your focus and attention. You are looking at life in the bigger picture. You are on the right path, Aqua. Chanting mantras and practicing meditation could reveal more about this “big picture.”

CHAROT DIGIT: 66 express & heal



A friend or a partner that you don’t get along with for some time now might want to have a conversation with you. They cross your mind every now and then, and they are thinking of you too. Your health maybe turning for the better. The new things you are practicing, and old habits that you have dropped will be giving you good results. You could have felt that your head was not in the right place for a span of time now. And slowly you are beginning to feel better, your thoughts are not so scattered like before. And you can finish things now in less time with less effort. You weren’t imagining that, congratulations, Pisces!  You made it through a challenging internal journey. More clarity is ahead of you.

CHAROT DIGIT: 8 from dream to reality