Charot-Scope / Weekly Horoscope 4


You could feel a wave of calmness, from exhaustion rather than from peace. Either way, it’s a nice change of pace that will allow some rest time for your heart and mind.  Take this time to rejuvenate considering that there is another round of action-oriented events to come. Refreshing fruit drinks, soothing sounds will help you recharge. Mental peace is not having the solution to everything, its being at peace during the rocky, stormy, tidal times.

CHAROT DIGIT 91 inner surrender, inner peace

CHAKRA PUSH practice KSHEPANA MUDRA for letting go



You finally feel like your old self somehow. Not to burst your bubble, but that soon will change. Be more active, both with the mind and body. This can help when you get restless nights in the days to come. Longing for your partner or for one can surface in your concerns. Although this can be brought on by sexual desires, if you are in the appropriate age, it is time to think about this part of your life. Taurus, if you want something in your life, make a sincere effort from the heart, and not from fear from the mind. Conduct a self-check on the life you are heading for, is it what you had in mind? Does it feel right? Do not let fear of pain cripple your actions and decisions, you are bigger and stronger than that.

CHAROT DIGIT 61 heal your self

CHAKRA PUSH practice VISHNU MUDRA for Universal balance



Emotionally charged, and yet you’re not sure why or where it’s all coming from. It’s alright, Gemini. Just flow with it. Try to watch all the spending and shopping you have been doing. Choose the ones that will benefit more people. And in terms of personal effects and luxury, choose the things that will last. Don’t worry, and allow yourself this time. It is the perfect time to redefine the ever-changing you. It’s called GROWTH, Gemini.

CHAROT DIGIT 13 hidden strength

CHAKRA PUSH practice BHUCHARI MUDRA for gazing into the void



You are slowly coming into terms with a new reality that you have come to accept, or perhaps still in the process of. There is no better time to focus on reinventing yourself that will match your new reality. Even if this situation is not what you expected, fear not, for this very road you are in is the route for the better life destined for you. Use your energy to roll with it, instead of resisting it.

CHAROT DIGIT 87 Divine order of things

CHAKRA PUSH practice NIVEDANA MUDRA for deep listening



Finally feeling some release, you can lift your head from the water now, and get some air. You’ve been holding things in far too long, and it just feels good to let those out. Stay humble and grounded as you reconnect with old friends and come across new ones. Don’t lose sight of what is real. When it seems too good to be true, that’s your gut telling you something. Listen to yourself first, then you can listen to others.

CHAROT DIGIT 46 Healing the Home

CHAKRA PUSH practice SHAKTI MUDRA to harness power, energy, and strength



No matter how tempting or easy it is to dwell on things and star in your own pity party, use your hidden strength instead. Think twice, thrice even, before making a move or decision. You have the ability to endure Dear Virgo. That’s different from being a doormat though. We endure and accept things we have no control over, and a doormat is just taking things lying down when you have the option to get up and leave. The choice is yours to make. Choose happiness, choose you.

CHAROT DIGIT 93 Joy is Coming

CHAKRA PUSH practice SURABHI MUDRA for Wish Fulfillment



Hot and spicy for Libra, Yes Please! Let the heat and intensity brew and build up between you and your partner. Waiting and delaying can increase the intimate bond you share in the relationship. Allow the time needed for the “kiss and makeup” process. Yoga and kundalini practice can help increase your intuition, make more room for self-love and self-acceptance, and perhaps even understanding the deepest parts of your psyche.

CHAROT DIGIT 22 Intuition

CHAKRA PUSH practice VISHNU MUDRA for UniversalBalance



Health and maintaining your cool will be in focus. For the time  being, when things don’t go as planned, or schedules fail to be followed, focus your attention and energy instead on dodging the kinks, and getting to the destination. So keep your head together, and don’t blow yourself, or anyone else for that matter, up. Be careful with your associations, people you speak to, and such. Secrets are “secrets” for a reason. Be more discerning with the characters you deal with.


CHAKRA PUSH practice HAKINI MUDRA for ProblemSolving



Taking things slow for a change. Not getting carried away with the thrill of the moment is a sign of growing up, Sag. This is actually good for you, even if it seems dull and boring. The Universe has been building up this momentum, to evolve you to your next phase, and there’s nowhere to go but move forward with it. Enjoy  the ride like you always do, Sag. This is a spin you don’t want to miss.

CHAROT DIGIT 93 Joy is Coming

CHAKRA PUSH practice NAMASKAR BEND for Hand & Wrist Flexibility



You could be having thoughts about the people you have in your life. The kind of people who have stayed, those that you lost somehow, and what do these things mean for you. You could probably see things more objectively, in an even bigger picture. And it seems there are some holes that needs to be filled. You have always been a no- nonsense person, however this time you have a deeper understanding of what has value in this life, in your life. It is never too late, specially with a mind like yours that knows how to direct itself to where it needs to be. You are uncovering something precious, our own value and the purpose of life.

CHAROT DIGIT 57 Live, Learn, and Share

CHAKRA PUSH practice BHRAMARA MUDRA for Listening and Communicating



Finding and establishing new ways to form your web of connections and associations. Seems to be working well for you, except you can’t shake off the feeling that something is still missing. Perhaps some people are more important or needed in our lives than others. Yes, everything and everyone has a purpose, but some chosen few are suited more than the rest. Are you really losing when you make a wonderful life with one person? What are you gaining when you have random moments with random people? In this vast Universe, there is a designated place for each of us. We spread love and kindness all around, not ourselves.

CHAROT DIGIT 71 Healthy You 

CHAKRA PUSH practice MANDALA MUDRA to gather Universal Energy



Meditation and some alone time will help to quiet a busy or noisy mind. Taking a dip in the pool or any safe nearby body of water that you have access to will also rejuvenate you. Beautify your home in more ways than one. You may give yourself some allowance to spend on necessary items, and then physically rearrange the layout and furnitures inside the home to bring in and revive positive energy to circulate around the whole family. If there are disagreements with your love one or close relatives, don’t add wood to the fire. Allow things to cool down, and have a dialogue when everyone concerned are able to efficiently communicate and listen.


CHAKRA PUSH practice AGNI MUDRA for Will Power